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Sales of Premium Quality Solar and inverter Equipment & Accessories

We lead in the sales and supply of premium quality solar equipment like Solar PV Modules, Hybrid Inverters with inbuilt MPPT Charge Controller, UPS Inverters, Deep-Cycle AGM, Gel and tabular flooded Batteries, MPPT Solar Charge Controller. We also sell a variety of long lasting energy saving Led Bulbs, Solar Mount Accessories, MC4 Connectors, DC Surge Arrestor, DC Circuit Breaker, Enclosed Battery Rack, etc.

Security and surveillance Equipment & Accessories

We are pleased to introduce our Home automation and Electronic security products. Your welfare and comfort is our concern. That is why we bring you state of the art products that make your life easier, safer and robust. We stock alarm systems, CCTV, DVR, Tour guard, Automatic gate control system etc.

Client Site Inspection and Installation of Renewable Energy/Surveillance and Security systems

Our team of expert installers are available for a proper field inspection and to perform thorough on-site energy audits, carry out your residential and commercial solar energy systems installations or surveillance and security system installation, service all the products that we install for you, take the time to answer all your questions and give you all the primary maintenance tips to make sure your enjoyment of uninterruptible power is seamless and confidence/rest of mind in your security system. We bring competence and expertise to bear all the time in a bid to consistently deliver exceptional service to our clients.

Other service:

  • Electrical engineering and technical consultancy
  • General electrical works (Electrical design, wiring and maintenance)
  • Solar energy training
  • Installation of electrical equipments

Determine the inverter that suits your appliances

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